NISD Told Meat Needs To Be Destroyed

Nacogdoches Independent School District has heard from the FDA as to what to do with meat the district has been storing since the beginning of February.   The administrative hold order has turned into an official recall order.  It could mean as many as 268 cases of commodity meat products will have to be destroyed. That's enough to feed the district's school children for 20 days. The commodity meat comes from the Westland Meat Packing Plant. It failed to follow USDA conractural agreeemnts, so the government says there's a remote probability that the products could be a health hazard.

Nutrition director Vanessa Hooper said Tuesday before the meat can be destroyed, she must have specific guidelines on how to go about it from the USDA. " When they ask us to discard it they have specific directions on how to discard it. Don't just throw it into the dumpster, but we need to open up the packaging and do other things to it as well to keep anyone from trying to pick it or take it from the those sources, " explained Hooper.

Hooper is serving meat bought from other vendors. She is also preparing a lot of poultry dishes. Some students had chicken tacos, rather than beef tacos. She assures parents that all the food that is being served to children is safe.