Pothole Dangers

John Kolb Road is notorious for potholes. Angelina County officials often temporarily patch them up. But once that wares off, residents tell us they usually become worse than before.

John Kolb resident Betty McCarter said, "They'd get so deep, if you fell in, it would be Wednesday before they found you!"

Another resident, Aaron Houston, told us, "I got a few damages on one of my vechiles that was pretty bad. It left me knocking."

Experts say when it comes to potholes, your tires could be the least of your worries.

"They could damage tire roads. They could cause parts on the frontend to be broken, knock your alignment out," Cook Tire and Service Center Manager Tim Alvey said.

Cook employees see pothole damaged cars all the time, so they know just how expensive repairs can be. The shock systems in many newer vehicles are so good that some drivers may not even realize how hard they've hit a pothole.

"The suspensions that are on these vehciles now are built to absorb a certain amount of impact. But again, if you hit a deep enough hole or a hard enough surface, it can do some damage. It can break the belts on tires and things like that as well," Alvey explained.

While not always possible, you should try to avoid potholes as best you can. Experts say keeping the correct air pressure in your tires also helps.