Warrant Roundup Underway

No one likes a speeding ticket, particularly when it comes to paying it.    " It's $155," informed a judge's clerk to a person ticketed for going 79 mph in a 70 mph speed zone.   This violator did the right thing by coming in on time and arranging installment payments. " That's exactly what we like,"  smiled the clerk.

Then there are those with outstanding misdemeanors    " Speeding, no drivers license, minors in possession. You name it,"  said Judge Dorothy Tigner, justice of the peace for precinct 2. The names eventually end up on a warrant list. Leann Goerner holds several file folders. Each is filled with about 100 papers.  " These are just the most recent warrants that I've printed out that they're going to be by to pick up. " All for not taking care of business. Judge Tigner said,  " For some reason they ( violators) think maybe they'll go away."

But they don't.   Constables, police, deputies and troopers come knocking on your door for ignoring outstanding tickets. You may not be at home for their first visit, but they almost always come back. Nacogdoches County Constable Shane Johnson said,    " I think they're a great asset to the county because it helps us clear a lot of cases off our books and clears up some of the court's problems they're having getting cases cleared. "

If you come in the hard way, expect a stiffer fine. Tigner warned,  " You have fees that are added, collection fees, warrant fees that are added and it gets to be quite a large amount. " If you have an outstanding fine there's still time to pay up the easy and most economical way. That is if law enforcement doesn't catch up with you first. On February 29th, the City of Lufkin will begin its warrant sweep.