Traffic Watch: Seatbelts

by Alex Carias

"Seatbelts help a person be restrained in that car in case of an accident. Keeps them from being thrown out of the car. The odds are just a lot better if they are seat belted," said Greg Sanches.

Seatbelts are a lifesaver. During the Memorial Day and Thanksgiving holidays, the Department of Public Safety is going to make sure you have your's on. The DPS and other law enforcement agencies will launch an aggressive seatbelt enforcement campaign called "Click It or Ticket." Officers warn there are new laws when it comes to seatbelts in the back seat.

"Children under 17 are now required to wear their seatbelt in the back seat as well. Children under 4 years old have to be in some type of child restraint seat system, or if the child is less than 36 inches, the child is required to be on some type of seat," said DPS Trooper Greg Sanches.

The zero tolerance policy also means anyone caught not wearing a seatbelt will also be hit hard in the wallet.

"It's a very costly fine. If someone is stopped for not wearing their seatbelt, you're looking at $100 or more. So save some money, comply with the law, wear your seatbelt and hopefully prevent injuries," added Sanches.

Of course, you can be ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt at any time. The law is not limited to these special enforcement emphases. So before you hit the road, ask yourself one thing..... Click-It or Ticket?