Red Light Cameras Working

All the red light cameras installed throughout Lufkin are doing exactly what they were designed to do, keep you from running red lights.

Chief Larry Brazil, of the Lufkin Police Dept., said, "Preliminary figures show they are working like they should, like we thought they would."

In November, when the citations began, there were 2,254 tickets issued. Then in December, that number went to 1,803.  In January, it decreased again to 1,487, and through February 15th, there have been only 618 tickets.

While most tickets come from the Copeland area of the loop, if the number of tickets keeps decreasing, they can move the lights to other intersections.

Chief Brazil said, "We can always move cameras to different locations.  We're not in the red light camera business to make money, it's about traffic safety.  Any money the city receives for that would go into traffic safety.  By doing that, it has allowed us to increase our traffic section by two additional officers, that's their salaries, money the tax payers don't have to pay."

The department was expecting to see more rear-end collisions because of the cameras, but in fact, they've gone down. Since November, there have only been 5 collisions. The year before at this time, there were 29.

Greg Denman, who retired from the Lufkin police dept. almost two years ago, will be the hearing officer for ticket cases.  So far, only 30 of the more than 6,000 tickets have been contested. And out of the ten that have been heard, only one has been dismissed.