District Attorney's Race Ends At Primary

Incumbent District Attorney Stephanie Stephens versus former assistant D-A, Nicole LoStracco. They're both confident women, both Republicans and both determined to become the next D-A. Stephens said,  " I'm really proud of the job I've done. I think I've done a fantastic job and I think people recognize that. " LoStracco said campaigning is a "learning curve." " You're taught your whole life not to talk about yourself too much and not to brag and that's what you have to do in order to get people to know you and let them know you are qualified. "

Voters in the Republican Primary will determine the winner on March 4th. There is no Democratic opponent. So far turn out for both party primaries is just about equal, something not too common in GOP territory, indicating Republicans could be crossing over for the democratic presidential primary. However, these candidate don't see it that way. LoStracco said,  " I think you're going to be hard pressed to find a Republican whose going to cross the line and pull a Democrat ballot in the primary. I just don't see it happening. " Stephens agreed,  " I don't think there will be cross over by Republicans. I see the potential for cross over by Democrats that we probably won't get because those people have races that are more important to them. "

So the campaign continues. Stephens is pushing her experience as a lead attorney.    " People of Nacogdoches know what I'm about. They know I'm a hard worker. They know I don't have experience just being an assistant. I have experience being district attorney which is a whole lot different for being someone's assistant. "

LoStracco stresses a need for better accountability.    " You know, you've got to expect the best from you employees. If you don't, folks for you are only going to work up to the potential that you expect from them, so I think you're looking for someone who expects the best from their employees. I expect nothing less. "

The race is a one of the more heated contests in nacogdoches county, even though all voters won't have a say in determining the winner.