Senator Visits Lufkin

by Christa Lollis

Senator John Cornyn came to Lufkin to find out what he can do to help local veterans. He listened as doctors voiced their concerns about the medical treatment veterans are receiving. A main concern of theirs was helping patients cope with post war stress and mental issues which he recognizes as a problem. "Recognizing that the nature of injuries that veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have are different because many times their bodies and save their lives but they suffer head injuries," he explains.

To make sure veterans receive the treatment they need, Cornyn told the group he will continue to push for more funding at the federal level. He feels that if Senator John McCain is elected president, he would have a greater chance to achieve those goals. That's why he recently endorsed the Arizona senator. "On the issues that I care most about, things like national security, things like cutting out wasteful Washington spending and on conservative issues I think Senator McCain is going to be head and shoulders above whoever the democrats nominate," Cornyn told KTRE.

The election is still nine months away, but his chance to take East Texans ideas to the table is just a week away, when Congress resumes its session. He said, "When I go back to Washington I can take those lessons with me and use those when making decisions in pushing legislation agenda there." A week after a visit from one politician that's focused on the future of the nation, Senator Cornyn's visit was focused on the future of East Texas.