Recalled Beef Buried

The truck backed up.   The freezer opened.   And the work began. 268 cases of frozen ground beef was removed from Nacogdoches school district freezers. The commodity meat comes from the Westland/Hallmark meat packing plant. That's way out in California. A USDA inspection revealed some cattle did not receive proper inspection. Once talk began of possible contamination, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples ordered over 460 Texas school districts and entities to store the beef. Now his order is throw it away. Staples said,  " We're glad that we have mechanisms in place to find lapses when people do not follow the procedures and the protocols. And the beef recall in Texas, among our schools that the department of agriculture is working with, is working extremely well. "

Thank goodness for that, considering our children's food comes from a wide range of sources. NISD nutrition director Vanessa Hooper said, " A lot of our children's foods come from other areas depending on what it is. For instance, vegetables, a lot of them come from Florida and California. Our beef from the northern states. "

So why not Texas? Especially when it comes to beef. Staples is asking the same question. " With Texas being the number one beef cattle producer state in the nation, obviously, here's the place to look. "

In the meantime, state and local officials are taking no chances when it comes to food safety for children.. The recalled meat is tonight at the bottom of a landfill pit. Each box was counted and the disposal signed off by witnesses. Disposal doesn't come cheap.the meat must be replaced. Also landfill charges by the square foot.   The USDA will provide reimbursement payments and/or beef replacement.