Obama Office Opens

by Christa Lollis

Signs asking East Texans to vote for Obama are now covering a section of sidewalk in downtown Lufkin. A Barack Obama for president campaign office has opened and they're hoping to show East Texans what he has to offer. "This is something that we just decided to do ourselves. We've opened up an office to inform and persuade people to get everything you see here are things that we paid for and had printed ourselves," organizer Claude Welch explains.

The money came out of their pockets because they aren't a part of Obama's national campaign. They're just a group of East Texans hoping to make a difference. "Somebody's going to have to go with a ground swell of support. Somebody's going to have to go that has a broad base of support, republicans, independents, liberal democrats, conservative democrats, people from all walks of life," Welch said. And they believe that somebody is Barack Obama.

So for the next 9 months they'll be handing out buttons and t-shirts hoping to bring in more Texas votes for the senator. "It's going to be a close race and it's not in the bag by any means so Texas could actually decide this so it's important," Denise Davis, an Obama campaigner explains. The group isn't sure if the presidential hopeful will be making a stop in Lufkin but they say rumor is he'll be in the East Texas area.