Trail Survey

by Christa Lollis

The Healthy Nacogdoches Coalition has been doing different projects to make the community a better place to live. Over the past few days they've had their sights on one trail in the city. "We chose the Lanana creek trail kind of as our first project to really get an idea from surveying users what they like about it, what they want more of, what improvements we can make," Coalition member Mike Kelly explained.

After getting over 300 surveys, they found out East Texans like the trail and would like more of them. They would like some improvements though like emergency call boxes, labeling trees and signage along the trails. "We hope to use the information to kind of direct any funding we can acquire through grants to direct the efforts of any community groups such as boy scouts that can put in some hours making improvements on the trail," Kelly said. Area residents told the group they use the trails for running, class assignments, and taking their dogs for walks.

One of the creators of the trail says he's glad the coalition is getting people on the trail and active. "Healthy Nacogdoches Coalition who are working now primarily to promote an exercise area. It's a good exercise area. You can walk 2 and a half miles here and not get in traffic," Ab Abernathy said. Now, the group will look at the suggestions and try to make the improvements and hopefully make Nacogdoches a healthier city.