Dog Attack Update

It happened two weeks ago, but the attack still lingers on Rebecca Coulter and Stacy Martin's minds.

"My heart just stopped. That innocent child was laying there mauled," Martin said.

"It really hit me that he could have died," Coulter said about her 3 year old son.

Coulter's son Clayton was attacked by the next door neighbor's 12 dogs in his own front yard. But it wasn't the first time the dogs had proved to be vicious.

"My neighbor, the one that called 911, had to call 911 previously because the dogs had gotten out of the neighbor's fence and were attactking my dog," Coulter told us.

The neighbors do have a hot wired 6 foot fence around their yard. They even had a padlock on the fence. But according to records from the Angelina County Sheriff's Department, the padlock was unlocked.

Coulter and Martin say tougher laws should be put in place. Angelina County officials say it's not that simple.

Angelina County Animal Control Officer Melanie Wade told us, "The city has an ordinance, which is the leash law. The county does not, which makes it harder for us to make people keep the animals up, because we can't by law."

County law puts the responsibility on the pet owner.

"If you know that your dogs are dog aggressive or aggressive toward people. You need to make every effort to keep those dogs inside where they can't get out and attack," Wade added.

Coulter hasn't spoken to the owner since the attack.

"She has expressed to my husband that she wanted to speak to me but I don't want to go to jail so I haven't made contact with her," Coulter told us.

The judge was going to decide today if the dogs will be euthanized but postponed the decision until Monday, March 3, 2008. Until then the dogs will stay quarantined.

Clayton was released from the hospital earlier today. His mother tells us he's doing fine and is happy to finally be home.