S.F.A.'s Classic Carr

by Coleman Swierc

For the Ladyjacks to be successful, Nikki Carr has to be on the court.  As she has been for over 115 games in her career.

"Here is a player that will leave here in the top 20 in scoring," Head Coach Lee Ann Riley says. "Top 2 in steals, top ten in 3 pointers."

Despite her awesome individual numbers, Carr, the only senior on the Ladyjack basketball team, has had to adjust her game from that of player to that of coach.

"It is kind of cool," Carr says.  "But it is kind of weird because I am a player."

This player is not only coach to the five true freshman on the team, she also takes the role of mom.  That's a role the young ones won't let her forget..

"All the time," Carr says.  "They are like 'you're so old,' and I'm like, 'thanks guys,' but it is not that bad, I really don't look my age."

With only four games left in her stellar career, Carr wants to go out with a bang.  Doing so means doing the same.

"The same role I have been taking all games," Carr says.  "Just let the game come to me, take care of the ball, and play defense."

Just like the past 4 years, it's a role she will embrace.