Lufkin Police Report - 3/5/08

ASSAULT:  2400 BLOCK OF WEST FRANK.   Complainant reported that her son-in-law grabbed her by the arms during an argument Wednesday morning, causing bruising to her arms.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:  1400 BLOCK OF MYRNA ST.  Complainant reported that someone rang her doorbell at 1:30am Wednesday and then removed a window screen and raised one of her windows.  She called 911 and the suspect fled without entry being made.

ASSAULT:  3500 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL.  Complainant reported that a man she knew only by his first name shoved her and hit her in the face during an argument Tuesday afternoon.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  300 BLOCK OF BENDING OAK ST.  Complainant reported that a small hole had been found in her window and appeared to have been shot with a BB gun.

FRAUD:  2100 BLOCK OF SOUTH CHESTNUT ST.  Complainant reported that someone is using her name and her husband's name to order prescription medications at a pharmacy.  At least two prescriptions were made using their names that their doctors didn't order.

HARASSMENT:  1400 BLOCK OF RUSSELL ST.  Complainant reported receiving numerous unwanted phone calls from a known suspect, even after the suspect was told to stop calling.

THEFT: 1900 BLOCK OF HILL ST.  Complainant reported that a jacket was stolen from his workplace.  A witness saw a known suspect wearing the jacket after it was reported missing.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1600 BLOCK OF WEST FRANK AV.  Complainant reported that her car had profanities scratched into the paint with a sharp object Monday night.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE:  1300 BLOCK OF NORTH WARREN ST.  Complainant reported that stereo equipment was stolen from a car parked in her yard Sunday night.