Toilet Fundraiser

by Christa Lollis

As Nacogdoches High School students prepare for graduation organizers of project graduation have been coming up with creative ways to make the night unforgettable. "We got the key club involved and they painted some toilets and we randomly selected from a list that we have," Volunteer Dahlia Tusa said. These toilets are then distributed throughout town and placed in East Texans front yards. But it's all for a good cause. "Project graduation is a place where seniors and juniors come to celebrate the end of high school and the beginning of their new life," Cindy Perry, a project graduation volunteer explained.

The graduation night event will be held at SFA's rec center where the students will enjoy a variety of activities.  Community volunteers bring the party to a safe place so the students aren't partying in the streets. "We want these kids to have a safe place to celebrate to keep our community safe. If we don't have project graduation and your driving on the street and kids have been partying it could spell disaster," Perry told KTRE. And these toilets are helping fund that project. They're moving from one house to another.   It costs 25 dollars to remove it, 50 to request a yard to put it in and 100 if you never want it back in your yard again. Tusa says it's "One of our main fundraiser's is the toilet. We think that every yard in Nacogdoches, Texas needs a potty."The toilets will continue circulating for the next few weeks but fundraising will continue for the next few months.