Deputy Hit By Vehicle

Traffic laws are strictly enforced in Angelina County, espeically around schools. Highway 69 is one of the busiest roads in East Texas. This morning it was also the scene of a close call when a deputy directing traffic in front of Central High School was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Central ISD Superintendent Allen Garner said, "We're very fortunate that he's done well and he checked out fine. We're very thankful for that."

The deputy only suffered a few minor cuts and bruises, but things could have been much worse.

"You're looking at the potential of getting involved in a traffic accident and potientially hurting or killing someone which would be a tragic situation," said Department of Public Safety Senior Trooper Greg Sanches.

Many East Texas drivers ignore the speed limit in school zones. But when school opens and lets out, drivers should be extra careful.

"People come through those areas sometimes without paying attention and they speed through there in a hurry, and that's when accidents happen," Sanches said.

Officials encourage east texans to drive more carefully in school zones to prevent accidents like today's.

"Make sure to maintain a very safe speed and also be aware of your surrounds and all of the things that are going on and focus on safe driving," Garner told us.

"Anytime you see the flahsing lights or traffic moving in and out of these schools like that, it's very important slow down, stay on your toes, be on the look out and be a good defensive driver through those areas," Sanches added.

Speeding in a school zone is a Class C Misdemeanor. If caught, you could be fined up to $500.