Cancer Benefit Raises Awareness

On a sunny morning at the First Baptist Church of Zavalla people are hunting for bargains at a church garage sale.  In an indirect way, they're also hunting for a cancer cure.   Tina Kervin said, " When I here about a person having cancer it just hurts me inside and I can't help but want to help. And I feel good, makes me feel good to help people that are in need in any shape, way or form. "

This benefit is for Bill Evans. He's in Houston fighting cancer. The battle has been going on for six months. His daughter in law, Ann Evans,  stays at home to manage today's garage sale. Cancer doesn't come cheap.    " His medications alone when the first time he got out of the hospital to leave the hospital was $7,000," said Evans.

Just about everyone in Zavalla knows someone with cancer.   Sarah Thomas said,  " I'm talking from experience. My mother had it, my husband had it, my dad's had it, my mother in law got it. I've got aunts and uncles and everything, so we're survivors. "

Awareness started when the children started dying.  Sheila Cryer will cope with the first anniversary of the cancer death of her baby on March 14th.    " If there is a root of the problem they need to find it. There my not be a root. You may never know the answers, "  said Cryer.

The Texas Cancer Registry isn't alarmed about the high number of cancer deaths, but Zavalla is. The water, for a lot of residents is used for things like a car wash.   Evans said,  " They do not drink the water. They drink bottled water. "

If there's a bright side to cancer, its bringing this community together. They look out for one another. And don't mind helping out a neighbor.