Importance of Texas Primary

by Christa Lollis

With the Texas primary just a day away presidential hopefuls are focused on the lone star state. "The last 20 or 30 years it's been pretty clear by March who the party nominee will be," Democratic party member, Joe Devine said. But this year has been different. The presidential race is close and anything could happen. And East Texans will get to voice their opinions twice. Once the polls close, a caucus will be held. But who you voted for in the primary will determine how you can participate in the caucus. Devine explains, "If you voted in the republican primary where there's a hot race for DA, you can not come back and vote in the democratic caucus. You have to have voted in the democratic primary."

Many counties throughout East Texas have local races that are close, like the DA race in Nacogdoches. And party chairs hope East Texans will remember those local elections determine the future of their communities. "The president gets all the hype but where we're really impacted is these local decisions and local races because these are local people that are going out and spending the time and going to be the representatives for Nacogdoches County," Republican party member, Jackie Yates said. And even though the primary is just a day away, those involved closely with elections hope East Texans will use these last few hours to make sure they are informed voters. Yates explains, "Anytime that you have a day to votes, that's an important day and again it's not only important to go and vote but I would suggest that everybody study the candidates as much as they can and make sure they not only vote but they become informed and then vote."