Election Preps

Maggie Diggers is no stranger to election eve business.    " I've been doing this for 20 years now, "  said the retired school teacher. Her duty is to oversee mail in ballots. She has an experienced board that knows exactly what to do.    " We're checking signatures and we're checking if we have the same number of ballots as we have applications for ballots, "  explained Diggers. The ballots come from and near and far.    " Maybe in Iraq or missionaries on a foreign field or even someone who is sick here at home, " said Diggers.

In the next room, election worker, Todd Stallings lines out the delivery of election booths and tools. He instructed,  " You'll want to take this one to Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary." The election is Stallings' concern, but he's more than willing to talk about party conventions. This year, the Democratic caucus is creating all the interest. Stallings said,  " You go to your regular election day polling place and you'll probably want to get there about 7:00 and approximately 7:15 they're going to start these precinct conventions and the way I understand it you will sign up according to your presidential preference, so you'll sign a list for Obama or you'll sign a list for Hillary. "

By now all the booths have been delivered to schools, churches and fire houses. All that's needed is to have voters show up beginning at seven in the morning. A record turnout is expected.