Support Strong for Jeff Williams

by Ryan Peterson

Lufkin's Jeff Williams, who was hit by a drunk driver on February 22nd, is still at Baylor Medical Center.  I've been told today that he is unconscious, but has had light movement to his body.  Williams has no shortage of support.

"His parents and brothers are a very strong and close family," Williams cousin Tangela Kegler says.

Family goes beyond blood.   The Panther nation is behind Jeff Williams.

"That Monday (after the accident) it was pretty tough around here for all the kids," Lufkin Athletic Director John Outlaw says.

Williams, not even a year removed from Lufkin High School, is on everyone's mind.

"The biggest concern is what degree of brain damage does he have," Outlaw says.  "But he's a tough guy. He was tough when he was here, he'll be tough to get through this."

As the fight continues for an eleventh day, Outlaw and the Lufkin booster clubs are trying to help financially as Charles and Jewel Randle stay in Dallas to be with their son.

The support has been just as strong at Midwestern State, where the soft spoken freshman has already touched many lives.

"It's just overwhelming," Kegler says.  "They (the family) get over 100 calls a day. There's a face book page for him."

"We're used to helping people," Williams mother Jewel Randle says.  "But not getting all of this."

The support will continue until Williams is awake and back on the football field.

"He was going to be a starter," Legler says.  "Hopefully he'll get back on the field and be as good a player as he was."

If you would like to help with donations for travel or prayers please contact Tangela Kegler at 936-225-2366.  You can also email Kegler at

Kelly Adams, Dr. Sid Roberts and Jim Denman have set up an account for donations. Money can be donated to any First Bank & Trust: Jeff Williams Medical Account.