Caucus Problems

Beginning at 6:30 voter crowds lined up to attend their precinct caucus. Once the doors were opened, sometime after 7:15, they filed in to take their places. Why they were there, they weren't exactly sure. One participant said,  " I have never been to one, so I really don't know. " another when asked what can you say about a caucus said,  " Uh, not a whole lot. I think I'm about to find out. "

Precinct chairs well versed in the process handled the larger numbers relatively well. However, some precincts reported there lost tempers and turned away voters. John Morrison experienced primarily confusion.    " There was a lot of chaos and at one precinct they didn't even select delegates because no one knew what to do. Then when you have a lot of people there who think they know it, it's just hard to get things done. "

Democratic party chair Tim Garrigan attributes the problems to inexperience with the process.    " The crowds were part of it, but a lot of people's expectations were really not in line with what the precinct process was about. It's not voting twice. The precinct is a process in of its self. It does involve caucus and separate votes, discussion. It's a process. It's a meeting. "

All this can be viewed as a good problem to have. It's showing that voters are attempting to take an interest in the political process, even though they're not too sure what's going on.  The precinct delegates elected last night will go to the county convention, March 29th, where state delegates will be elected.