Snow For A Morning

The sight of a March snowfall is how most East Texans began their day.   In most areas the big puffy flakes were a pretty sight, but melted as soon as they made landfall. And the snow depth was judged by what we found on vehicles.

But a drive through Northern Nacogdoches County, near Central Heights, Garrison and Timpson is where you could really see nature at its best.   The snow actually accumulated in woods and fields, mystifying livestock that nibbled on blades of new spring grass just yesterday.   Cattle had the idea it was an excuse for a special feeding. For cowboys riding horseback to check on cattle, the snow was just an inconvenience , but undoubtedly it made them feel more rugged than ever.

Roadways for more conventional travel were clear. Motorists didn't slow down, even though it was a smart idea due to the blowing snow. Transportation crews are looking out for our safety.   Transportation engineer Steve Barnes said, " Possibility of lower temperatures down around 29 so we will keep an eye on the bridges."

Teneha and Panola school children got a snow day. Others were stuck inside classrooms. Central Heights superintendent Pat Adams said,  " We're getting out early today, but it's not because of the weather, believe it or not. " But because of spring break. Shorts and flip flop temperatures aren't quite here, but wait around. There was snow in the morning and bright blue skies in the afternoon.