Protect Your Animal

by Christa Lollis

The East Texas Working Dog Association along with other animal lovers held a dog fair today. Along with competitions they offered inexpensive rabies vaccinations. "Rabies is a disease and we do have it here in East Texas and it can get in domestic animals like cats and dogs and also wild animals. So, if they come in contact with a wild animal who has rabies and bites your dog it can infect your dog too," Donna Work, with the ETWDA explains. If an animal has received the shot the chances of contracting rabies when bitten by a rabid animal is less likely. Without the shot, your animal could be in danger. "Dogs with rabies could also be harmful to people. If a dog with rabies bites a person then they have to go through a grooling process of getting treatment for that process too so it's a good preventative measure to have your dog do that," Work said.

The group says there's another shot that could save your dogs life. It's the microchip and with a quick scan any vet or animal shelter will know exactly who the animal belongs to. Work says, "The microchip itself is real tiny about the size of a pencil led, no longer than an inch and it's injected into the dog. They may feel a little touch of the needle cause it's injected with a needle but it's fine. It doesn't hurt them any worse than a vaccine would." So whether it's the microchip or the rabies vaccination, experts agree, the quick visit to the vet could save your animals life.