Website Gives Citizens Opportunity to Rate Cops

by Jessica Cervantez

It's  and once you enter the website you can look at agencies across the nation, including right here in East Texas. You can rate them on authority, fairness, satisfaction and even leave comments.

You can even check out the Angelina County sheriff's department, where it specifically lists the employees by name. Capt. Tony Galloway, who's familiar with the site, believes the website masters contacted the agency and through an open records request they were able to obtain the information.

He says naming specific employees can cause safety concerns. 

Capt. Galloway said, "It worries us anytime an officer's name is put out.  We worry about their family, we worry about their safety, their safety and their families safety.  Anytime you get something of this nature, a lot of times only the disgruntled will post anything, people who come in contact with officers every day and are pleased and feel like the officer is doing an excellent job won't ever tell anyone."

But they're not the only local department who has a list of employees online. You can also see employees who work for the Lufkin police department.

But, to rate any of the officers, you must register to the site, enter a name, e-mail address and password.

Unlike Angelina and Lufkin, when you look up Nacogdoches, the police department and sheriff's department does not list specific names.

Angelina County Sheriff Thomas Kerss is not sure why, but he doesn't have a problem with the site.

Sheriff Kerss said, "The website itself doesn't bother me at all, of what little I got to see it's probably a more reliable way of someone voicing their opinion."

Both departments we spoke with hope someone manages the site. And they hope that negative comments aren't the only ones posted.

Greg Sowell, with the Nacogdoches police department, said the website seemed more like a survey and they questioned the accuracy of the information.  Especially, since there was no definition for the way the items were rated.  Sowell said they didn't have a problem with the site.

The Lufkin police department declined to conduct an interview.