Results Wrong in Local Sabine County Race

Programming problems are to blame for mistakes made in the results of three Sabine County races on election day. The counting affected the outcome of one of the races.

The Sabine County clerk says there was a mistake in one of the ballots received for precinct three, so she had to order new ballots and new programming. She did not know she would have to recreate the database for the new disk she received. This caused the voting precinct number 3 ballots to be aligned incorrectly.

They didn't discover the problem until the precinct by precinct totals were calculated the next day. That's when one of the candidates called in who was surprised to not receive any votes from the precinct he lived in. That's when they discovered the numbers did not correlate with the precinct counters, and had to figure out the problem.

So these are the new, accurate results.

Jamie Brasher is now the winner of Justice of the Peace Precinct two with 742 votes.  Vicky Armstrong received 651 votes.

It also changed the number of votes for the Constable Precinct number two race and the county chair race, but it did not change the outcome for those races.  Jerry Don Webb and Murlene Seago still won their respective races.