JOW - Green's Colorful Game

by Coleman Swierc

If their is one thing to expect from S.F.A. junior Natashia Green, it may be that the next time you see her you won't know it is her.

"No one every remembers me from the scouting report," Green says.  " They are like, 'who is that?'"

For her career, Green has made her basketball game colorful.  With her hair, that is.

"It started when I first started playing basketball in 9th grade," Green says.  "My grandma will do my hair a lot.  She braids it and we are in to different colors.  We have had every color.  Right now I am calm because I have black just a little bit."

From pink to green to blonde and black, short and long, Green has done it all.  Now she has others getting involved.

"One of my teammates got her hair done by my grandma," Green says.  "Antoinette Davis had kinky twists.  It is on the calm side, nothing too exciting."

However, there's still one head that keeps getting away.  Head Coach Lee Ann Riley

"She wont let me," Green says of her coach.  "I told her to let me do her hair, and she said no."

"She (Natashia) has tried," Riley says.  "But that is not going to happen.  I am a lot more conservative than Natashia.  They want to put extensions in my hair and all that. It's not going to happen."

So the next time your at a Ladyjack game, don't look for Green's number.  Look for a fashion statement.