New Garrison Nursing Home

Nacogdoches officials met to announce plans to build a new nursing home in Garrison.

Garrison Nusing Home Adminstrator Glenn Yarbroughourgh said, "The current facility is an older building. It's been a great building but it's time to expand. We also stay full with a waiting list. So we really needed the extra beds to better serve the Garrison and Timpson communities."

Garrison Nursing Home officials have purchased a four acre site in Garrison for the new 27,200 sqare foot facility. It will not only provide better care for patients, but also bring more jobs to that area of Nacogdoches County.

Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English told us, "People that are employed for that facility won't have to drive to nacogdoches or other areas looking for jobs. They'll be able to stay there. Also, it's real important for people have family members that are there in the nursing home. They'll be able to visit them and not have to travel a long distance."

"That way we can grow our own, and we can have this expansion to help our rural citizens and have jobs. That's fantastic! it's really, really good," said Linda Parker from the Agriculture Department.

The 4.2 million dollar facility will expand the current capactiy from 43 to 90 beds. It will also have a secured unit for residents with advanced dementia.

"There's a real need for more facilities for alsheimers units and people can still maintain some continuity of their life yet still maintain an environment that's safe for them," English said.