Fatal Club Stabbing

Frances Daniel lives next to the Cabbage Patch. Aside from a little loud music every now and then, she'd never really worried about the club...until this weekend.

"I'm devastated that something of this nature has happened," she told us.

Angelina County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Cabbage Patch yesterday morning around 2:30am. When they arrived, they say they found 54 year old Larry Landers lying on the ground suffering from multiple stab wounds. Landers was rushed to Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Authorities say the man who killed Landers is DeAndre Doyle Thomas. Thomas fled the scene before authorities arrived but turned himself in to Angelina County deputies later that morning.

Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson said,  "The man he stabbed was his wife's father. There had been some problem with them on both sides. So he came in and gave us his side of the story."

Several witnesses say Thomas and landers got into a fight over a family dispute. Thomas told authorities he killed Landers in self-defense.

"His side of the story was that that the father-in-law had pulled a knife on him and he took it away from him," Henson added.

Thomas is currently in custody at the Angelina County Jail where he's charged with murder. As for Daniel, she still feels safe in her neighborhood, but has one request:

"I just wish that if people are going to get together that they would just go out and have a good time and not fight."

The Angelina County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the case.