Galloway Lawsuit

A captain with the Angelina County Sheriff's is being sued for allegedly breaking a woman's finger when trying to put her in custody.

Today Aangelina County Sheriff Kent Henson was at the federal courthouse in support of Captain Tony Galloway. Karissa Hopson is suing Galloway stating he used outrageous force on March of 2006. Today, Hopson's mother took the stand. During the incident Hopson's mother brought her to the sheriff's department to turn her in for having a warrant. The plaintiff had slit her wrists in the vehicle while Hopson's mother was inside talking to police. Galloway says he was trying to get the razor out of her hand so that she wouldn't cut herself or anyone else, that is when her finger broke. Hopson claims that galloway broke her finger for no apparent reason. Testimony was expected to continue tomorrow.