COPY-A Medical Expert Takes The Stand in Sexual Assault Trial

by Jessica Cervantez

Forty-nine-year-old Frankie Jones, of Lufkin, is charged with indecency with a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child. The victim his wife's granddaughter was six-years-old at the time.

Tuesday, for much of the morning, the jury was out of the courtroom as a hearing was being held to determine if Stacy Hamilton qualified as a medical expert. Roger Moss, the defendant's lawyer, had questions ranging from test results to possible hearsay testimony to visiting Judge Paul Murphy.

District Attorney Clyde Herrington and Dawn Armstrong had questions of their own. Many of their arguments centered on getting testimony that the defense wanted thrown out to stay in as evidence.

After lunch, Stacy Hamilton, a registered nurse for Woodland Heights Hospital for more than 17-years, also a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner or SANE nurse took the stand. She told the jury that she was the one to examine the now 8-year-old.

In her report, Hamilton states she asked the victim if she knew why she was there.  Hamilton said the victim said that she was there because, she was touch inappropriately.  Hamilton said the victim said, "it was my granny's husband."

Hamilton goes on to read the report that says the victim said a long time ago, Jones tried to get the child to touch him inappropriately. She said quote..."but I wouldn't do it."

Much of the day was spent listening to Hamilton's graphic description of the girl's physical examination.

The trial is expected to continue at least until Wednesday.