Zavalla Water Test Results

People in Zavalla are breathing a sigh of relief. For several months, many Zavalla residents nervously awaited test results from the city's three water wells. Today the wait is over.

"Everybody was just ecstatic! Everybody at the city were ecstatic. All of the people in town were happy about it," Zavalla Cirty councilman Carlos Guzman said.

According to an official report from the Texas Comission on Evironmental Quality, the water in Zavalla is completely clean, even though an earlier test suggested otherwise.

Zavalla Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ray said, "For some reason when the initial testing was done the water fountain that was tested over at the elementary campus had exceedingly high levels. We still have no rational for that. We just feel it was a bad testing."

That test lead to some parents expressing concern for their children's safety. At one point, Brookshire bBothers donated a large amount of bottled water to Zavalla ISD. School board members even approved the purchase and installation of $40,000 worth of water filters. In the end, the city turned out to be better safe than sorry.

"When you're talking about the community and parental concern you have look at all the options there, and we felt putting filtration systems in was what we needed to do," Ray said.

"No regrets," said Guzman. "I think the school did the right things. You have to take action. You have to go in the right direction and I believe the school did the right thing."

Zavalla officials are glad they can now put the bad water rumors behind them and focus on the future.