U.S. Senator Hutchison Visits Nacogdoches

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison recalls fondly the springs and summers she spent as a child visiting her grandparents in Nacogdoches. She now owns her mother's childhood home, not far from the Sterne Hoya House where she promoted the Nacogdoches Azalea Trail. The historic home is also where her great great grandparents were married. She now attempts to share her heritage with her own two young children. Hutchison pointed out an old photograph saying in a hushed tone,  " That was your great great grandmother when she was a little girl."

After an ever so brief tour of a place where the senator says she could spend all day, she graciously met her public.   Following remarks about tourism and azaleas, she accepted questions. The leading concern is the Trans Texas Corridor. The senator went on the record saying,  " I was very much against the concept of the Trans Texas corridor. I met with the I 69 coalition in my office last week in Washington and we are all of one mind. We want I 69 back the way it was originally configured as I 69."

Just two weeks ago the senator was in Afghanistan, a stark difference from colorful east Texas where she addressed the beginning of the sixth year of the Iraq war. Hutchison stands by her stand that,  " We must stay vigilant in both Afghanistan and Iraq to keep terrorists from having a haven in Iraq and being able to export their terrorizing throughout the world. "

The senator was presented an azalea as a gift. In the present state of the economy she knows few items come free to consumers.    " I'm hoping that if we do another stimulus package it will be something that will be targeted to the housing industry like a loss carry back. So we're watching it very carefully. "

Hutchison has sponsored many non partisan bills that benefit Nacogdoches. She wants a Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial placed in the oldest town. She's optimistic the legislation will pass this spring, giving her one more reason to return the place that she likes calling home.