Lufkin Police Report - 4/1/08

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 200 BLOCK OF N CHESTNUT. Complainant reported that approximately a dozen subjects trespassed on her property by entering her fenced, gated yard and locked, enclosed porch Monday night despite a "NO TRESPASSING" sign.  The group of young men was apparently there to try and fight the complainant's son.

HARASSMENT: 200 BLOCK OF MCHALE. Complainant reported that he has received several phone calls where nothing is said or the unknown caller curses him.

FIGHT IN PROGRESS: 1600 BLOCK OF KELTYS DR. Complainant reported that a known male suspect shoved her and hit her in the face causing bruising and swelling during a confrontation just after 8pm Monday evening at Brandon Park.  The complainant said the man then pulled a small pistol from his waistband and fired a shot up in the air and fired another shot in the direction of a group of kids.  No one was injured by the gunfire.

ASSAULT: 1600 BLOCK OF KELTYS. Complainant reported that she was assaulted at her home Saturday evening by two girls and their mother after the juvenile complainant had already fought both of the girls at a park earlier in the day.  Complainant reported that she had pain in her ribs from being kicked during the assault.

ASSAULT: 1300 BLOCK OF W FRANK. Complainant reported that a known suspect tried to hug her twice despite being shoved away and told to leave the complainant alone.  The suspect then rubbed his groin while making suggestive comments to the complainant.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 400 BLOCK OF HOLLAND ST. Complainant reported that a book of checks had been stolen from her vehicle recently and that someone had now forged and passed several of the stolen checks.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 200 BLOCK OF LAUREL ST. Complainant reported that her car had been left parked for two months because it was broken down.  Complainant reported that someone stole her turquoise 1979 Chevrolet Impala and must have towed it off because it wasn't running.