Busy Shopping Weekend

by Christa Lollis

Easter egg hunts and church services are typical for many East Texans during the Easter weekend. But before people go to Sunday service they're spending money on Easter goodies. "Easter weekend is generally a very big weekend for us. Sales are very brisk normally around this time we have increase guest traffic," Barbara Holden, Target employee said. She says it's not as busy as Christmas but the flow of customers is pretty constant. And it's not just candy and plastic eggs that they're selling. She explains, "A lot of guests shopping in the mini seasonal area for goodies to stuff those Easter baskets with. We also usually will see an increase in electronic items, things that people buy for the stuffers for their baskets."

For Target, this weeks sales have been high. Today, the parking lot was even more full than a normal Friday. "A lot of businesses being closed and then of course school being out we have seen an increase in our checkouts today as far as the number of guests that have been in our stores shopping," Holden said. And if you plan on heading to the store tomorrow expect long lines because retailers expect the high volumes of shoppers to continue through the weekend