Easter Egg Hunts

by Christa Lollis

Kids from the Nacogdoches area were on a mission to get as many Easter eggs as they could fit in their baskets.   It was the eighth annual Tucker Memorial egg hunt at SFA. Dozens of children showed up to start Easter off early. Smoky the Bear was even there to help the kids find the eggs. The Tucker family used to hold a community egg hunt each year and now SFA staff and volunteers have taken on the event.

In Lufkin hundreds of kids came to Kit McConico park for the city wide Easter egg hunt. 10,000 eggs were placed around the park for East Texas children to find. Prizes were also given away including a bike and Easter egg baskets.

Hundreds of eggs were spread out across the grass at First Christian church in Lufkin. Kids from around the area came to hunt for the eggs. The eggstravaganza also included different booths and games, stories and snacks. It's the churches way to make sure all families in the area get to celebrate Easter.