Shelby County Scams

by Christa Lollis

Within the last few weeks the Shelby County sheriff's office received calls from concerned residents. They said AT&T was threatening to shut off their phones unless they gave them personal information. "They received calls from someone reporting to be AT&T asking pertinent and very personal questions such as their names, addresses, telephone numbers and social security numbers," Sheriff Newton Johnson said. But after contacting AT&T the sheriff's office found out it wasn't AT&T calling at all. The company says they never ask for a full social they will only request the last 4 digits.

And then just days later more residents called in concerning another possible scam. Johnson told KTRE, "People reporting to pave driveways, put asphalt on driveways and seal coat them, would go to people's houses and the residents would say yes we would like to have our driveway asphalted." The men who were involved in this scam would do measurements and price quotes but once they got paid, they never finished the work. "The people write them a check for the amount. The next day they find out that the check has been cashed and the construction people never show back up to do the driveway," Johnson explained.

So now the sheriff's office is warning all East Texans. They say you should always know who you're dealing with and never give any money before the work is done. The sheriff also says to never give out your personal information and if you feel like something isn't right always contact authorities immediately. The few people who have been targeted so far have been lucky and the sheriff wants to make sure nobody else gets scammed.