Democratic Party County Convention Planning

More Texas Democrats have attended their precinct caucuses, now it's time for delegates to start learning what to do for Saturday's county convention. The Nacogdoches County Democratic County Convention is Saturday at the Nacogdoches High School gymnasium. Delegates need to register at 8:15. The order of business will begin at 9:00.

Two new participants received some pointers at party headquarters on Monday. Doris Daniel said,  " So you will be meeting with more than one polling precinct, so it's a good time to be thinking now whether you want to be a candidate."   Many will be first time delegates, including Martha Byrd.  " Well, I don't know what to anticipate for Saturday because this is all new. We have never been to a convention. My husband is an alternate and we'll vote just to see how things work out. "

Seasoned democrats stuff notification envelopes. For the first time they'll receive some competition to advance as one of the 15 state delegates from Nacogdoches County. Daniel said,  " I will be phoning and arranging for somebody to nominate me and then all the nominees will be voted on so it's a good exercise in the democratic process. "

Delegate selection isn't the only order of business. There's also the passage of special interest resolutions . Marilyn Eanes recalled one resolution from her precinct caucus.  " One person was wanting to eliminate special delegates because it is kinda, in Texas, it's very confusing. " Delegates are the only ones who can vote in the county convention, but anyone can attend. Spectators are welcomed. Party leaders participation will grow as more people learn about the process. For more information