Sex Offenders at Work

The Texas Department of Public Safety's online sex offender registry will soon include offenders' places of employment and job titles.

Lufkin resident Jerrick Brown said, "I do believe that people have a right to make a living but at the same time you have to think about what you did and how it's going to affect the rest of your life."

The online registry now shows each offender's name, date of birth, home address, photo and physical description, charges and dates of arrest. It even shows the ages of their victims and has a map of which sex offenders live where. Some believe an offender's job information will help fight sex crimes.

"They ought to put anything they can about on there so people can know that they're sex offenders," said East TExas resident John Carver.

Josh Bean of Lufkin told us, "Anytime you know where they're at it will keep them away from kids and other potential victims. They pretty much lost their rights anyway by doing what they did to become a sex offender."

The other side of the argument is that it may make things tougher for offenders who try their best to succeed. Some say it could even open them up to ridicule from fellow employees and other community members.

"It's a possibility, but in some cases, I think they deserve it," Carver said.

"If you're out there moslesting kids I think you need to be harrassed anyway," Bean told us.

Cyndi Sisson of Diboll said, "If they're working in a plant or something I don't see how that's important because your kids aren't going to be anywhere near it. If they're working near a school or near a playground I think they should know."

We spoke to John Snead, who registers sex offenders for Angelina County Sheriff's Department. Snead has seen both sides. In a statement snead gave us off camera, he said "while it's important that the public is aware of any potential dangers, at some point, if a person has paid their debt to society then they should be allowed to move on with their life and career."

The Texas Department of Public Safety will add the employment information for registered sex offenders in the coming months.