Animals Seized Are Now Being Auctioned Off

Eighteen dogs, at least seven cats, about 25 chickens, ten pigeons, and one goat, are all in need of a good home. These animals were seized after an elderly Cushing couple had been evicted from their home for unpaid rent.

Constable Shane Johnson, for precinct one in Nacogdoches County, said, "We came out to execute a rit on possession, and when we got here we found all these animals and they didn't appear to have food or water."

Johnson says the animals were not properly cared for at the time. In fact, four of the puppies were kept in a small cage. Johnson says they were literally on top of one another. Johnson has been feeding the animals since last Thursday.

Now, he needs to auction them off to good homes.

Afterwards, if any agency doesn't take them, the animals will be euthanized.

Constable Johnson said, "We have recently had a hearing on that seizure, and this morning the judge ruled that the animals should be sold in auction.  And if at that time the animals are unable to find a home, they will unfortunately be euthanized."

Johnson says the animals will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, there is no minimum bid, but they are asking for dollar increments. If you would like to see the animals you can by appointment tomorrow and Thursday.

Just call the office at (936) 569-6727. The auction will be conducted at the Constable Precinct 1 office located at 9373 US highway 259, just south of Central Heights.