Aerobics Nothing To 100 Year Old

A slightly nervous senior aerobic's teacher at Court Club in Nacogdoches lets Newt Beard take over her class. It was his birthday gift for turning 100 year olds. Beard begins the class with weight lifting. He shared,  " I think I owe part of my long life to eating sensibly and exercising sensibly."

The exercise must be helping. At age 90 beard began aerobics. He got married at 95. At 100 he feels younger than ever. He quips,  " I feel like a 20 year old, but they won't have nothing to do with me. "

Anyone who exercises knows there are days of complaining. You can't do that when you work out next to Mr Beard. The former engineer illustrates knee squats. " You go down tothe floor, almost to the floor and back up again. " You expect him to stop at five, but he keeps going all the way to 14." He's making his classmates feel younger too. Bob Smithart said,  " I met him and he was 90 something years old and I'm 75 and I said I'm a young man. You can be rough on this old man, if it's not rough on that one. "

A friend asks Beard,  " How do you feel?" His answer,  " I feel good, but not having been here before you know I don't know how a 100 year old is supposed to feel. " That wit shows Beard not only keeps his muscles fit, but also his mind. Forever young he will be.