Music Man Shares Career History

Gary Goss could be called the music man of Central Heights. The professional musician of 35 years is the school's music teacher and to this day performs with music legends.   He sang 'Desperado' at a Presidential inaugural dinner. He's just as comfortable singing the number one hit to his sixth graders.

"Desperado, why don't you come to your senses, "  the verse is sung.   Way before the Eagles recording, music legend Johnny Rodriguez made it a number one hit. Goss still plays piano for Rodriguez. They've been to the Grand Ol Opery and around the world. Standing in front of memorabilia Goss lists the places he's been.  " We've been to Poland, Switzerland and London."

Goss is sharing his three and half decade music career to raise money for Central Heights Project Graduation. He's set up his class room with all his tour jackets, numerous awards, videos, posters, and souvenirs. It's a display of music history.

The tour begins with the Mercy River Boys. The gospel group was nominated for a Grammy. Recognize this singer, Representative Wayne Christian. That connection leads to recognition from the State of Texas. Then there's Louisiana.  Goss reads from an autographed note,   " My friend, a great piano man, Gary Goss.  Sincerely, Jimmy Davis. " A 20 year span with the state's former governor who penned "You Are My Sunshine."

Goss got his breaks through talent and connections. He loves plugging his own students.    " Alex Hunter will be here promoting his Garner State Park CD he did and signing autographs. He will then be going over to Millard's Crossing for a concert at 9:00."

The music history evening starts at 6:00 at the Central Heights school. Admission is $1.00. Johnny Rodriguez has donated 100 CD's to be sold at the reduced cost of $10.

Goss is wanting to provide a dream and give back. That's what this piano man is all about.  " Rather it's studio musician, school teacher, teaching piano, playing on the road it's all music, but it doesn't seem like work to me because it's my love, " said the musician.  He then finished out, 'Desperado' , receiving applauds from his students. The performer could have been on any stage and still have the same smile of appreciation.