Ladyjacks Dig the Long Ball

by Ryan Peterson

S.F.A. Catcher Kim Daley says "Chicks dig the long ball."  Her coach agrees.

"Absolutely,"  Head Coach Gay McNutt says.  "I love the long ball."

Who could blame them.  The long ball, or home run,  has led S.F.A. to second place in the Southland Conference.  The Ladyjacks leads the S.L.C. with 32 home runs.  That's good enough for 14th in the nation.   S.F.A. has doubled their home run output from a year ago, with 15 games to play.

"It gives you chills," McNutt says.

Maybe it's from the 'krunk juice.'

"They all give me a cup and I give them some krunk juice," S.F.A. Senior Jessica Tullos says.  "We all take a drink and think we're pumped up and ready to go."

In reality, it's only Gatorade.  But it works well with new hitting coach Craig Snyder.

"He's just amazing," Tullos says.  "He's known all across the country.  He used to coach at Oklahoma."

Snyder has helped the Lufkin native hit six home runs this season

"I use to only use my arms," Tullos says.  "Now I use my legs and hips."

"They're just loaded with dynamite," McNutts says of her team.  "Every one of them."

Dynamite and 'krunk juice.'