Pollen Problems

Spring is the perfect time of year for many East Texans. But for others, it literally makes them sick.

Deloris Richard suffers from allergies. She said, "I'm all stopped up and I just feel real bad! there's a lot of coughing and a lot of sneezing."

Experts tell us this is one of the worst allergy seasons they've seen in the pineywoods.

David Henson, Director of Respiratory Care for Memorial Hospital in Lufkin, said, "If you live around a ton of pine trees, the pollen load on you is going to be worse. Of course with the winds we've been having lately it's spreads it around."

Signs are everywhere! when pollen settles, it looks like a thick, yellow dust. You've probably even noticed it on your car.

"It is annoying, but sometimes I wash mine three times in one day just to keep that stuff off," said Kenneth Williams.

"I get kind of worried because if it's on cars like that i wonder what it's doing to my system," Richard told us.

Pollen affects each person's respiratory system differently.

"There's little hairs inside the lungs that work like escalators that have mucus in them and they catch all that pollen and then move it up, put it in the back of your throat and you swallow it. You never see it again and it goes away. But the other response is in some people an allergic response causes the airways to close down, too," Henson said.

The good news is if you're one of those who suffer from spring time allergies, relief is right around the corner. Experts say the pollen should be gone in the next couple of weeks. They also said that most seasonal allergies can be taken care of with over the counter medicine.