Few Bid In Homeless Animal Auction

An update on an animal hoarding concern in Nacogdoches County. Dogs, cats, chickens, pigeons and one goat were offered for auction. The farm animals got homes, but most the dogs remain homeless tonight. That despite the efforts to sell them at a starting bid of one dollar. There were also offers by animal rescue groups to provide free spays, neutering and vaccinations.

Constable Shane Johnson had the animals confiscated after finding them in small cages.   Johnson explained,  " The order has ordered me to do this through a public sale, but it really is more or less an auction and it's an inexpensive auction because there's not going to be your typical spay and neuter fees up front, but we want all these animals to be spayed and neutered. "   The couple who previously housed the animals were evicted from their Central Heights rented home. They will go before the judge next week on animal cruelty charges. A vet says the dogs appear to be healthy. Most are well fed and friendly. Johnson did his best to encourage people to take a pet for themselves or their children. He's been taking care of the animals for over a week until time of the auction.

The dogs are being given a second chance. The Nacogdoches Animal Shelter has agreed to take the animals. They'll be housed for as long as possible, but if not adopted soon will be euthanized. Their pictures will be posted to the Nacogdoches City web site next week.