Severe Flooding

by Christa Lollis

The rain has been coming down in steady downpours since early this morning in San Augustine. It's wiped out houses and stores and some were even swept away. It's a sight that is unbelievable to residents who've lived here there whole lives and have never seen anything like it. "This is worse than its ever been. Never got in my yard, all around it but never in my yard," local resident Jimmy Wood said.

It's been raining here in San Augustine for several hours and it's not letting up.  The water continues to rise and it's flooding many buildings and many homes but officials are worried if the rain doesn't stop, it's going to get much worse. "We got a lot of areas flooded. We've evacuated a lot of people and it's steady raining and we don't know yet but there's a dam up in Bland Lake and it may burst. We don't know," San Augustine Mayor Leroy Hughes explained. For these residents, today has already been hard enough. They've been watching the water rise and take everything they own. "It started coming in my apartment about an inch deep and 30, 40 minutes later it got in my back porch and within 45 minutes it was knee deep," Wood said. Over the last few hours the rain has stopped and some of the water has gone back down. Now residents are hoping it stays that way.