Your Turn: Nacogdoches Athletics

We asked you to consider this, and you did.  Now it's Your Turn.

KW from Nacogdoches made this comment after a recent news story:

Coach Harper and his staff of coaches have made Nacogdoches proud by bringing winning seasons to our schools.  This is the first time our children have experienced winning in many, many years.

We should not allow the administration to reassign coaches out of athletic periods and into academic classes.  The athletic periods are not a recess period.  Coaches are not standing around idle, they are coaching our children.

The majority of these kids are student athletes.  If the end of the school day is moved to one hour later, they will suffer academically.  The end result is they will miss more classes when traveling to games.  Administration should not be interfering with the time available for the coaches to coach.

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