Flood Cleanup Underway

Flood victims' anxiety is evident following a whole lot of rain in a very short period of time. Mayor Leroy Hughes' gauges indicate,  " Between 12-14 inches" One flood victim remarks,  " I don't even have a change of clothes to put on."

At last county 37 homes flooded. Victims never suspected the water would rise so fast or so deep. It never has before. Curtis Watts points to the water line on his home.  " It got half way to the house right here. Half way up. " North of town is Bland Lake. A small lake with a small dam. The mayor said,  " We were watching the dam all yesterday and water was coming over it, but it didn't break. "

The water was forceful, turning everything in its path upside down.    " Look how the refrigerator was turned over, "  pointed out Watts. Liz Ware, director of the chamber of commerce said,  " I have not touched any of this furniture. This shows the force of the water. "  furniture was thrown over on its side and turned upside down. A single mom doesn't know where to start. Listen to what happened to her home.    Her mother said,  " The trailer house was turned around. The front door was this way and it turned all the way around. "

Luckily, caring people help out. The American Red Cross and Southern Baptists of Texas are reassuring flood victims. One volunteer said,  " So you'll have to come back in and reinstall sheet rock.   But it can be fixed, remember that. "   City workers are cleaning up the San Augustine County Chamber of Commerce with plans to let mud out and construction crews sleep there.

At least two bridges are out. A busted city water line was prepared, but a water transfer station is still down. The water source is City Lake. Shoreline residents of more than 4 decades never dreamed the water would reach their homes.  According to one resident it's supposed to be a constant level lake, but now residents are questioning the efficiency of the levee. They speculate a device placed on the dam to control hydrilla led to the overflow drain blockage. City management doesn't totally agree. City manager Duke Lyons said,  ' I think it did contribute, but I don't think it was the main factor. "

The flooding was so widespread, it's doubtful the event can be pinned on only one cause, except rain itself.

Schools will be open tomorrow. A boil water notice continues.