Most Residents Don't Have Flood Insurance

by Jessica Cervantez

Alice Bluford and her mother Thelma have lived in San Augustine all of their lives.

Alice said, "It was bad, it was the worst one we've ever had here."

Thelma said, "I've never seen anything like this before, it was water from the front to the back."

And both of the residents have a big problem on their hands, neither has flood insurance on their homes.

Alice said, "No, not on the house."

Thelma said, "No I didn't, I thought I did."

San Augustine County Judge Randy Williams spent the day assessing the damage.  He even went up on a helicopter to check on the damage throughout the county. The city looks better, it's the houses and the roads in the county who still need help. So far, 36 homes have been completely flooded.

And like the Blufords, not one single one of those residents had flood insurance. The judge will ask for help from the state.

Williams said, "I filed out a declaration about two hours ago for state funding disaster relief money, hopefully we'll get that, and if we don't we'll have to tough it out."

Lufkin insurance agencies have received claims on some commercial lines, but no personal. Flood insurance comes in a separate policy. Some mobile homes maybe covered. Good news is that most of the vehicles, should be covered.

Jamie Davis, with Davis Insurance, said, "Now to their autos, if they have what is called a comprehensive or other than collision coverage on their autos that would be included.  If their auto is flooded out then they have coverage there."

San Augustine officials are glad for the break, but they're bracing themselves. Because if they do get more rain, there's nothing they can do about it.

Alice said, "God will help us get through it."

If you don't have flood insurance you are urged to get it. This situation could happen anywhere. We are told that flood insurance for a $200-thousand house could run between three hundred and four hundred dollars a year.

We are also told that several of the roads in San Augustine are still closed, please drive with caution.