Nacogdoches Police Report - 4/1/08

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 2300 BLOCK OF DOUGLASS ROAD. The suspect came to the law enforcement center because he thought he was about to be assaulted. Officers determined that the suspect had an outstanding warrant and arrested him. Officers located a rock of suspected crack cocaine in the suspect's sock. James Tutt was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 2600 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Unknown suspect went onto a parked bus and stole a bag containing a wooden baseball bat, an aluminum baseball bat and two baseball gloves.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1400 BLOCK OF MARTINSVILLE. Complainant reported that his vehicle was forcibly entered and two fifteen inch speakers were taken.

ASSAULT: 2800 BLOCK OF NW STALLINGS DRIVE. Complainant reported that a known suspect had slammed a door on her arm, injuring it. Warrant requested.

ASSAULT: 2000 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported that a known suspect had pushed her in the face during a disturbance. Complainant did not wish to file charges.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 BLOCK OF OLD LINE DRIVE. Complainant reported damage to a vehicle on the hood and sides made by an unknown person with an unknown object.

THEFT: 1100 BLOCK OF VIRGINIA AVENUE. Complainant reported loaning a cell phone to a known suspect who refused to return it.

THEFT: 1000 BLOCK OF NORTH UNIVERSITY DRIVE. Complainant suspects an employee of taking an undetermined amount of cash from a cash drawer.

THEFT: 4400 BLOCK OF RAGUET STREET. Complainant reported that unknown suspects had stolen a 20' flagpole and an American and Texas flag from his yard.

ARSON: 200 BLOCK OF SOUTH FREDONIA. Officers contacted the fire department where a suspect had allegedly started a small fire in the hallway outside his apartment. The fire marshal's office obtained a warrant for arson on the suspect and Wade Ethridge was arrested.

DWI: 100 BLOCK OF MILLARD DRIVE. A suspect was contacted passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. The suspect was taken to the hospital due to his extent of intoxication. A warrant has been requested.