Problems at Jennings Station

There are some people who have a problem with authority, but lately T.H. Wilson has seen it taken to a whole different level.

"Some have been very abusive verbally and some have gotten to the point of threatening bodily harm," Wilson told us.

Wilson has been working as the Chief of Security at Jennings Bus Station for years. Now more than ever he has to ask more people to leave . Many people are entering and parking in the ''buses only'' section of the parking lot. They're also driving at dangerous speeds on and around bus station property.

"We've got kids that will run out of the building and go to the big park area over here. If a person is zooming through here, they may not be aware that a child is going to run out of the building," Wilson said.

Officials say warning signs are posted at every entrance and exit of the bus stop so, they can't figure out why people keep ignoring them.

"I had one guy that came in a few days ago and parked. I told him, 'sir, you're in a restricted area.' he said, 'well, there are no signs out there.' i just smiled, brought him out, and said, 'sir, just take a look.'" Wilson added.

Wilson is amazed at how many people get upset at him even though they're breaking the rules. Lufkin police want to remind everyone that the bus station is private property. That means anyone who's asked to leave but refuses is breaking the law by trespassing.

Lt. David Young of the Lufkin Police Department told us, "It's just important that everyone respect each other's property. Lufkin is growing. It's becoming more crowded, and it requires more respect and common courtesy."

Wilson agrees, and says his top priority is to keep the property safe.