Capital Murder Warrant Issued For the Death of A Well-Known Radio Host

by Jessica Cervantez

Denise Cox, a Shelby County resident, said, "To all that knew him in Shelby County he was an upstanding citizen and we all enjoyed listening to his news broadcast every morning, "Payne's Community News."  For all of us that lived around here, we grew up listening to that every morning, we look forward to it, so when the tragedy happened that was one of the first things we missed. Now, his son is taking that over, just picking up the pieces where he left off."

 Cox and other Shelby County residents only had nice things to say about Vance Payne. He was killed more than a year ago. He was found reclined in a chair, unconscious by his wife.

But today, the community received some news.

Shelby County Sheriff Newton Johnson said, "At 1:30 this afternoon we served a capital murder warrant on Jimmy Smith for the murder of Vance Payne."

Smith was already in jail for the capital murder of 89-year-old Daliah Sanders. And after hours of interrogation, he confessed to abducting and robbing Billie Sue, Payne's wife. This warrant could be a sense of closure for the Shelby County community.

In fact, just Tuesday morning Cox said she saw Mrs. Payne.

"On the outside you think she's doing very well, but who knows what's on the inside," Cox said. 

The sheriff's department couldn't release anymore information. Besides the fact that no bond has been set for Smith.

Newton says several agencies worked together to help solve this case.

The Payne family did not want to comment on the case.